Australia’s Construction Industry set for $35bn Renovation Boom

The future is looking incredibly bright for Australia’s Construction Industry with a predicted $35bn surge in renovations projects according to a new report by Master Builders Australia. The Report earmarks the residential construction sector to experience the greatest increase, after last year recording the divisions highest annual revenue in 10 years.

A growth of this proportion will take Australia’s Construction Industry to the next level, and create competitive advantages over the likes of USA, China and India. Australia’s construction industry is currently worth around $173bn a year, and employs over 1.1 million people.

The next five years is set to bring about exciting new opportunities for our clients in securing more projects, and for potential candidates with greater job opportunities available. At Finesse Consulting, we have a longstanding industry connection with some of WA’s leading residential builders and we would be happy to discuss your career today.


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