Finesse Vision

At Finesse Consulting, providing our clients and candidates with superior opportunities for solid and empowering business relationships is just the very beginning of this vision.

Our team takes pride in playing a vital role in the ongoing success of our clients, always looking to add value through innovation and a strong commitment to solving your HR and Recruitment needs.

With an aim to develop incomparable connections within the Construction industry Australia-wide, we serve as an extension of our clients’ business by providing expert knowledge and in depth industry experience.

We are interested in forming long-term partnerships that will serve to revitalise and energise your business development, both as our clients and candidates. You are looking for a team that you can trust, that will make and follow through on a commitment to your Human Resources requirements and that is backed by expert knowledge and skills. Our consultants will listen to you, guide you and then present you with the most advantageous opportunities possible that will consistently surpass your expectations.

At Finesse Consulting, we appreciate the opportunity to help you grow and we understand that quality business relationships will enrich the lives of all involved, as well as the HR and Recruitment industry as a whole. When you choose our company to assist you in this quest for quality and excellence, you will find someone by your side throughout the entire journey. We aim to help you reach and exceed your current goals and will be there for your ongoing success with continued support.

Finesse Values

At the heart of every progressive company is a set of values that they adhere to with great passion and determination.

We realise that there is more to HR and Recruitment than meets the eye. Our prime focus at Finesse Consulting is to build a relationship with you, our clients and candidates, in order to bring you the best opportunities to fulfil your requirements.

Trusted Advisers
With over 15 years of combined industry experience, we have the knowledge and insight that is fundamental in forming these successful partnerships in Human Resource Management and Recruitment. Our consultants have a thorough understanding of the Construction Industry and provide advice of the highest degree.

Honesty and integrity are held in high regard at Finesse Consulting. Our team of consultants aim to be as transparent as possible, always maintaining a high standard in honourable business practices.

Through the use of sophisticated techniques, we are able to unearth top level candidates with specialist skillsets to ensure that we have the talent to fill the most challenging roles.

We think laterally and logically to go above and beyond for our clients and candidates, as it is of the utmost importance to us that we consistently surpass our clients’ expectations.


Finesse Team

Our team come with an innovative and fresh approach, our consultants are passionate about what they do, and they are suitably qualified and skilled to assist our clients with their HR and Recruitment needs. 

Meet the team